I think the
future for solar energy is bright

Don’t Limit Your Challenges. Challenge Your Limits.

Our Mission

"Our mission is to attain the lowest cost for everyone to go green and go solar and maintain the highest quality product, embracing technology to reduce cost and enhance service levels. Together with our group of companies and associate partner companies, we're set on charting courses to new horizons with the belief that "Now Everyone Can Go Green & Go Solar".

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I think the future for solar energy is bright
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At Maqo it’s a lot like working with peers & family as we respect each other and we understand, appreciate team works. I think the future for solar energy is bright. We also hear each other’s voice and we learn from each other.

Why Join Us?

For those who are looking to explore a new career path and ready for bigger challenges: 

  1. Take this opportunity to grow with us, as an individual
  2. Excel with us, as a team
  3. Having fun together with us!

ARE YOU ready to HAVE A CHANGE ? Contact us to join our team in creating a greener and cleaner planet with Renewable Energy and Solar !

"I very much enjoyed the time spent at MAQO, such a wonderful company. Of course I would proudly say it has been an absolute honor working at MAQO. The management demands from their engineer good work with high quality within time frame to meet MAQO standard and client needs which I would say it’s not something negative about this firm."

Design Engineer

"Throughout my internship in Maqo, I am able to learn something outside my field of study (finance) such as sales, marketing, design, and so on. And this experience definitely equip me for a better career development in the future. Thus if you are someone looking to learn a lot of new skills during your internship, believe me, Maqo is the best and only choice for you."


"I enjoyed with the environment here and I learnt a lot of stuff during my practical here. Learnt about solar and how we earn money by installing solar. They should have online attendant to make sure the staff come early."

Account and admin assistant

Available Positions

Technical Engineer

  • To Support Business Development (BD) Team With BD Related Administrative Tasks Such As Data Entry And Other Clerical Work.
  • Take Full Responsibility On Technical Feasibility Study Of Solar PV System Including Electrical & Structural Feasibility.
  • Lead Engineering Support To Pre-Sales Activities By Providing Layout Design, Engineering Simulation And System Configuration.
  • Lead Detailed Construction Designs Activities, Including Necessary Engineering Calculation, Simulation, And Drawings Production To Meet Client’s Requirements, Project Specifications And Relevant Standards.
  • To Provide Technical Input And Advice To Interdepartmental Teams (During Pre-Sales Activities And Post-Sales Execution).